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While wireless communications devices are of great benefit, they also have become an intrusion of privacy and an annoyance. Although preliminary results are inconclusive, ongoing research suggests that active wireless telecommunications devices such as cell phones, Personal Communication System (PCS) phones, satellite phones, two-way pagers, radar, and hybrid (electric) automobiles may pose a health risk to the general public, particularly young children.

The Office of Technology Assessment of the Congress of the United States recommends a policy of "prudent avoidance" with respect to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). Prudent avoidance means to measure fields, determine the sources, and act to reduce exposure, preferably with shielding.

US has developed technologies that utilize the principles of wave effects on the surface of coated moisture and high surface resistant, breathable recycled paper to adjuvant existing Radio frequency (RF) and Microwave absorption.

US believes that their technologies will have a beneficial impact on public health and safety while eliminating the nuisance of commercial wireless devices by essentially creating radiation free environments!

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